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SQL Server Integration Services [SSIS]

SSIS provides SQL Server Coding enhancements, Administration Options and Customizations for SQL Server Developers, Administrators, BI Engineers and Data Analysts.In our LIVE Online Training, we deal with complete SSIS features including SCD, Profiling, Tuning and Customizations. Each sessions will be completely practical. Daily tasks and a Case Study will also be provided. 

Please find the Course Contents for SSIS Module:

Basic SSIS Development
Advanced SSIS Development
SSIS Management and Security

Introduction to SSIS

  • Need for SSIS
  • SSIS Development Environment
  • SSIS Tools and DTS Comparisions

SSIS Architecture

  • Control Flow Tasks Architecture
  • Data Flow Tasks Architecture
  • Data Pipelines and Usage
  • Conditional Precedence

Basic SSIS Entities

  • SSIS Data Types and Conversions
  • SSIS Local & Global Variables
  • Dynamic Precedence Constraints
  • Dynamic Connection Managers
  • Data Flow Transformations usage
  • Handling Enumerations in SSIS

SSIS Customizations

  • SCRIPT  Task (.NET) in SSIS
  • Expressions and Iterations

SSIS Expressions & Debugging

  • Expression Builder Usage
  • SSIS Parameters Usage and Variable
  • Control Flow Breakpoints
  • Data Flow Data Viewers and Audits
  • Limitations of SSIS Debugging

Data Flow Transformations

  • Column Transformations
  • Combining and splitting data
  • Performing database operations
  • MERGE Vs UNION ALL Transformations
  • Lookup and Fuzzy Grouping
  • SORT Vs AGGREGATE Transformations
  • OLE-DB Command Tranformation

Custom Activities

  • Data Analytics and Debugging
  • Custom Code Handling
  • Event Notifications and Emails
  • Data Sampling Techniques
  • Type I and Type II SCDs
  • Performing PIVOT operations
  • TDS Sizing and Tuning Options

Package Controls

  • SSIS Transactions & Isolation Levels
  • SSIS Checkpoints and Usage
  • CACHE Transformation & Performance
  • CHECKSUM Transformation

Package Configurations

  • Configurations and benefits
  • Applying Configuration Options
  • Global Configurations in DENALI
  • Choosing correct providers

Error Handling

  • System Events and Audits
  • Package Event Handling
  • Limitations of Event Handling
  • Event Bubbling Escalations

SSIS Logging Actions

  • Benefit of SSIS Logging
  • Environment Variables Usage
  • Windows Event Logs and SSIS
  • SQL Server Logging Limitations
  • Choosing correct log providers
  • Package Execution Audits

Processing XML Data

  • Iterating XML nodes and Data
  • Data Profiler & ADO Connections

Deployment Procedures

  • Preparing for Deployment
  • SSIS Deployment Phases
  • Securing Manifest Files
  • Deployment Options & ISPAC
  • Validation & Verification Techniques

File System Deployment

  • File System Deployment
  • Package Execution Options
  • File System Security

SQL Server Deployment

  • SQL Server Deployment
  • SSIS Catalog Files and Security
  • SQL Server Security
  • File System Versus MSDB

Deployment Management

  • Package Migration Utilities
  • Command-Line Deployments
  • Package Backup Procedures
  • Fine-tuning Deployment

Managing Security

  • SSIS Package Security Options
  • Encrypting SSIS packages
  • Package Store and msdb
  • Security Audits and Proxies
  • MSDB and File System Comparisions
  • Event Logging Activities

Upgrading Packages

  • DTS packages to SSIS migration
  • Upgrading 2005 Packages to 2008
  • MSDB and SSIS Catalog Files
  • Comparing SSIS 2008 R2 & 2012
  • ISPAC (DENALI) & Package Migrations
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