Oracle Identity Manager Training in Chennai

This course begins with a refresher of concepts associated with identity management, identity administration and Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2. Through hands-on training, you'll deep dive into the following concepts.

Oracle Identity Manager 11g Training in Chennai Course Content

Oracle Identity Manager certification Training covers topics such as: Global Human Resources, Security, People Management, Profile Management, and Workforce Structures

  • Lesson and Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule
  • Outline of Course Hands-On Activities
  • Oracle Fusion Resources

Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications and HCM Compensation

  • Oracle Fusion Deployment Options
  • Introduce Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface
  • Introduce the Manage Compensation and Analyze Total Compensation Main Business Activities

Define Security for HCM

  • HCM Security Setup and Maintenance
  • Roles Assigned to Users
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Job and Duty Roles
  • Segregation of Manage Compensation and Analyze Total Compensation Duties by Job Role
  • The Security Reference Implementation
  • User Accounts and Role Provisioning
  • Managing Security Using HCM, OIM, and APM

Introducing Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager

  • Application Implementation Lifecycle
  • Functional Setup Enterprise Roles
  • Planning an Implementation
  • Configuring Offerings
  • Generating Setup Task Lists
  • Assigned Implementation Tasks
  • Maintaining Setup Data
  • Accessing Implementation Projects and Tasks

Define Workforce Structures

  • Employment Models Overview

Define Eligibility Profiles

  • Define Eligibility Overview
  • Manage Derived Factors
  • Planning and Prerequisites for Eligibility Profiles
  • Setting the Eligibility Profile Definition
  • Defining Eligibility Criteria

Define Elements, Balances and Formulas

  • Manage Fast Formulas
  • Manage Payroll Elements Overview
  • Element Templates
  • Element Entries and Input Values
  • Element Eligibility Criteria
  • Balance Feeds
  • Element Classifications Overview
  • Elements and the Payroll Employment Model

Define and Manage Base Pay

  • Grade Rate Overview
  • How Grades, Rates, Sets, and Legislative Data Groups Work Together
  • Validating Salary Using Grade Rates
  • Salary Terminology
  • Salary Basis Overview
  • Manage Base Pay Overview

Define and Manage Individual Compensation

  • Actions Overview
  • Individual Compensation Plans Overview
  • Introducing Compensation History
  • Awarding Variable Compensation Outside of the Regular Compensation Cycle
  • Manage Compensation

Define Approval Management for HCM

  • Approval Management Overview
  • Setting Up Approval Management
  • Manage Task Configurations
  • Approval Groups

Manage Workforce Compensation Plans Overview

  • Workforce Compensation Key Features and Capabilities
  • Global Settings

Configure Workforce Compensation Plan Foundation

  • Manage Compensation Plans
  • Configure Plan Details
  • Configure Plan Eligibility
  • Configure Plan Cycles
  • Configure Plan Currency
  • Plan Access Overview
  • Configure Feedback Survey

Configure Workforce Compensation Budgets

  • Budgeting Overview
  • Configure Budget Page Layout

Configure Workforce Compensation Worksheets

  • Compensation Components
  • Performance Ratings
  • Approvals
  • Alternate Approver Hierarchy
  • Compensation Change Statements
  • Alerts
  • Configure Worksheet Display Overview
  • Managing Security Using HCM, OIM, and APM

Configure Workforce Compensation Models and Reports

  • Modeling Overview
  • Reports Overview
  • Report Dimensions Overview

Validate Workforce Compensation Plans

  • Validate Plan Setup
  • Validation Results
  • Start Compensation Cycle Process

Manage Compensation Models and Budgets

  • Manage Compensation Models and Budgets Navigation
  • Manage Compensation Models Overview
  • Manage Budgets Overview

Manage Workforce Compensation

  • Manage Workforce Compensation Navigation
  • Manage Compensation Plans

Administer Workforce Compensation

  • Compensation Work Area
  • Global Models Overview
  • Active Plans Overview
  • Administer Workers Overview
  • Administration Reports Overview
  • Batch Process Overview

Define Total Compensation Statements

  • Total Compensation Statements Overview
  • Compensation Items Overview
  • Compensation Categories
  • Statement Definitions
  • Monitoring Processes and Viewing Statements Overview
  • Annual or Periodic Use of Statement Definitions

Course Summary

  • Course Key Concepts
  • Course Activities

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